3 coolest open-source projects and libraries for Machine learning

machine Learning Feb 01, 2020

I found these 3 libraries really cool for Data Science tasks try these …

1.Pyforest lazy-imports

all popular Python Data Science libraries so that they are always there in your work environment when you need them this is also known as a lazy import in python. If you don’t use a library or any of its methods or function, it won’t be imported. When you are done with your script, you can export the Python code for the import statements for later use.

Check out this demo I’ve taken from the library’s GitHub repository:


2.Getting all your standard data analysis done in 30 seconds or less. The Magic of Pandas Profiling.

pandas-profiling enables its user to quickly generate a very broadly structured HTML file containing most of what you might need to know before diving into a more specific and individual data exploration. For each column the following statistics - if relevant for the column type - are presented in an interactive HTML reports:

  • Essentials : type, unique values, missing values
  • Quantile statistics like minimum value, Q1, median, Q3, maximum, range, interquartile range
  • Descriptive statistics like mean, mode, standard deviation, sum, median absolute deviation, coefficient of variation, kurtosis, skewness
  • Most frequent values
  • Histogram
  • Correlations highlighting of highly correlated variables, Spearman, Pearson and Kendall matrices
  • Missing values matrix, count, heatmap and dendrogram of missing values

(Source definition https://pandas-profiling.github.io/pandas-profiling/docs/)


3.Bamboolib - a GUI for pandas

Bamboolib 1.3.0 is out


and this release is truly amazing! Create transformations blazingly fast with your keyboard.

You can try it out yourself for free on Binder or Kaggle


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